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Intellitec PMC 100 Input Module 24v


Intellitec PMC 100 Input Module 24v

RRP £127.06
Price: £114.35
(£137.22 inc. VAT)

Product Code: 00-00622-100

Group Code: PMC

Intellitec's 100 Input module Programmable Multiplex Control (PMC) system is designed to work in tandem with the PMC CPU and other standard, semi-custom or custom I/O modules. Featuring 10 input connections for rocker, limit, or sensor switches. Each individual input can be configured as either a switch to ground, or a switch to battery. All input information is directly communicated to the CPU via the PMC comms link. The CPU then utilizes this information to control other PMC output modules within the system.

• 24 Volts 10 Input Connections • Works as part of PMC System • Connections with AMP Mate N Lok • Module can be set for 1 of 16