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Intellitec Road Commander Gen Start Module

Road Commander

Road Commander Gen Start Module
Road Commander Gen Start Module

RRP £347.20
Price: £233.18
(£279.82 inc. VAT)

Product Code: 00-01108-000

Group Code: SS

The 1108 Road Commander generator interface allows a new or existing Road Commander system to remotely start and stop typical recreational vehicle generators. The generator may be operated via external switches, touchscreens, or smart device Bluetooth applications. Additional module inputs provide generator status information. System software provides manual and automatic start, and scheduled “quiet times”. Automatic start functions may be enabled based on HVAC demand via the Road Commander HVAC Interface module (00-01105-000) or by vehicle battery voltage via Road Commander System Monitor module (00-01097-000). The generator interface is configurable via PC and supports various generators including models from Onan, Honda, and Kohler.

• 12 Volt • Automatic start and stop for typical RV generators. • Compatible with Road Commander 1106 Touchscreen. • Compatible with smart phones and tablets via Road Commander 1094 Bluetooth interface. • Compatible with Road Commander 1105 HVAC module. • Compatible with conventional remote Start/Stop switches. (Not required) • Configurable generator interface logic supports several generator brands and models. • Automatically starts generator if vehicle battery voltage drops below programmed level. • Automatically starts generator when required for operation of air conditioning or heating. (Requires Road Commander 1105 HVAC module.) • Retries up to 4 times for generator start failure. • "Power Present" input prevents unnecessary generator starts. • Minimum Run-Time setting for air conditioning and heating demand prevents excessive start/stop cycles • Minimum Run-Time setting for battery charging demand allows control charging routine. • "Quiet Time" settings prevent operation of generator in violation of local requirements. • Various parameters may be configured by installer. • Hour meter tracks total hours, hours since last service, and hours since most recent start. • On-board indicators show status of all inputs and outputs. • On-board indicators show network status and fault codes.