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Intellitec Road Commander HVAC Module

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Intellitec Road Commander HVAC Module

RRP £432.00
Price: £359.42
(£431.30 inc. VAT)

Product Code: 00-01105-000

Group Code: SS

The Road Commander HVAC module provides an interface between new or existing Road Commander systems and vehicle heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems.
It is intended to operate seamlessly with industry standard HVAC components and allows operation of these systems via touchscreens or smart device Bluetooth applications.
Each interface module can control two HVAC units with high and low fan speeds, heating, and air conditioning.
Additional modules may be installed to control addition HVAC units.
Settings for all HVAC units may be linked or controlled as independent zones.
System software provides manual and automatic control and “set back” functions.
The HVAC module provides direct heat control for reverse cycle installations.
All installations require a standard analogue control for each HVAC unit, and an external relay is required for direct electric heat applications.

  • 12 Volt
  • Independent control of two HVAC units.
  • Compatible with Road Commander 1106 Touchscreen.
  • Compatible with smart phones and tablets via Road Commander 1094 Bluetooth interface.
  • Compatible with Road Commander 1108 Automatic Generator Control module.
  • Uses standard external HVAC unit power interface.
  • Supports Heat, Cool, and two speed fan.
  • Heating may be reverse cycle or direct electric. (Direct electric requires external relay)
  • Additional modules may be added to network to control any number of HVAC units.
  • Any HVAC unit may be "slaved" to first unit of first module.
  • Support Heating, Cooling, and Automatic modes.
  • Automatic control of fan speed.
  • Four heating and cooling set-points automatically adjust temperature throughout the day.
  • "Hold Temperature" feature overrides set back functions.
  • Various parameters may be configured by installer.
  • Fan Off Delay allows fan to run after compressor turns off to improve HVAC efficiency.
  • Compressor short-cycle delay prevents damage to compressor.
  • Safety mode operates circulation fan after interruption of power.
  • Automatic detection of temperature sensor faults.