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Intellitec Road Commander System Monitor Module

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Intellitec Road Commander System Monitor Module

RRP £160.64
Price: £133.65
(£160.38 inc. VAT)

Product Code: 00-01097-000

Group Code: SS

The Road Commander System Monitor Module provides real time feedback of the vehicles health and status.
The module is capable of reading up to four battery banks and four tank levels.
This module is not a stand‐alone device rather the information is transmitted across the network to be displayed on a mobile device or LCD display.
These display devices are assignable to specify which batter and tank each input is tied to.
Blue, Grey and Black tanks are supported by the System Monitor module.
Multiple Modules may be used in a system if necessary, allowing for a dynamic number of tanks and batteries or for ease of installation.
The System monitor is used in conjunction with the Bluetooth module in order to communicate the information to a SMART device.
The module is internally protected from over‐current situations.
More specific applications and installation information is available in the service manual for this module.
There are no serviceable parts within the System Monitor module.
If the module is deemed defective then it must be replaced.

  • 12 Volt
  • 'Sleep mode' minimizes the amount of power consumption when inactive for certain amount of time
  • Provides 2‐way communication between your SMART Device and the Road Commander system
  •   Instantaneous feedback
  • Allows for viewing of tanks and battery health when outside or inside of the coach
  • On‐board indicators show network status and fault codes
  • Various parameters may be configured by installer
  • Status is available by using OEM installed switches, touchscreen LCD panels, and SMART Devices, Expandable and adaptable to previous model year coaches.