Battery Equalizer 24V


Battery Equalizer 24V

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The Battery Equalizer is designed to keep the same Voltage level of both batteries during charging in a 24 V battery installation, which is composed of two 12 Volt batteries. Batteries of the same kind and type could eventually have different voltage levels. Such difference in voltage can be caused by the temperature difference of both batteries or because the capacity has changed. The Battery Equalizer ensures a timely detection and solves the problem, which will result in extended live of your batteries.

• The equalizer makes very efficient use of energy and brings the higher voltage level to the battery with the lowest voltage level. This is done with a maximum current of 2.5 Amps. The current will decrease when the voltage difference between both batteries will be smaller. If the voltage level of both batteries are the same, this is achieved when the batteries are fully charged, the current draw is less than 3 mA.