Intellitec Road Commander Command Centre LCD Screen

Road Commander

Intellitec Road Commander Command Centre LCD Screen

RRP £1,180.00
Price: £774.50
(£929.40 inc. VAT)

Product Code: 00-01106-000

Group Code: SS

COMMAND CENTER LCD from Intellitec  is the latest addition to the Road Commander series of products.
The COMMAND CENTER LCD is a flush mount 7 inch hardwired CANBUS capacitive touch LCD that has been designed to function with the Intellitec Road Commander system.
The Command Center LCD is supplied pre-loaded with a Road Commander APP which currently controls the following functions - HVAC, slide outs, awnings, lighting, diming functions including “ scene ” programming, batteries & tanks reading and monitoring.
Within the Road Commander application is the ability to control “mood lighting scenes” with a just one button touch, these scenes can be configured and changed by the vehicle owner to suit their own requirements.
These scenes could for example be “Reading” or “Party” where certain lights would dim to a % decided by the owner, all of this is done via the Command Center LCD.

  • 12 Volts
  • Flush mounted
  • 7 inch
  • Pre-loaded with road commander App
  • Ability to control mood lighting scenes with one touch button.