Manufacturing & Assembled Solutions

At Intellitec, we design, manufacture and provide assembled solutions 

At Intellitec, we design, manufacture and provide assembled solutions for the specialist vehicle leisure and off grid markets, and all 100% assembled in the UK. With our team of engineers and fully functional PCB production facilities, we are able to prototype new products and ideas in house and ramp up to full production for any customer requirements.




Rapid Prototyping

We have invested significantly in our Rapid Prototyping facility, and are continuously developing our own product range and improving on quality, processes, flexibility and control to ensure the very best products using the latest technology are produced. We have recently launched iConnex, which is the perfect switching & control system, suitable for the Amber Light sector, Mini Bus, Utility Company Fleet vehicles, Mobile Workshops, Motorhomes & Camper Vans.

 A Leading Approach

Intellitec offer clients a full service approach to their electrical and power generation system requirements. We can design, develop and produce a full system that includes Harnesses, Electronics, Power Storage, Power Generation, Software, Firmware and all drawings ready to be installed as a true plug and play system.


Reduce your costs

Our assembled solution approach can be extremely beneficial to the vehicle builder, as it not only reduces costs, but also increases reliability and significantly speeds up the production process.

Made in Britain

Intellitec are proud to be a UK Manufacturer, supplying tens of thousands of systems ranging from simple power control solutions for leisure vehicles and marine applications, right through to highly complex systems for Task & Power Management control on NHS Front Line Ambulances.


 Our Customer Base

Our customer base includes vehicle builders, converters and fleet operators in both the Blue Light (999) and Amber Light (Utilities) market sector, along with other high-profile public-sector authorities.


 What we can do

Our capabilities include Hardware Design, Firmware Design, Software Design, Graphical User Interface (GUI ) Design, Test Fixture and Design & Assembled Solutions for the Special Vehicle OEMs.


Engineering Excellence

Our expert team of engineers provide a diverse range of skills that enable us to tackle any type of project - regardless of its current development stage - and complete it to market in accordance with EMC guidelines of the automotive industry, paying close attention to component cost, customer needs and logistics.

 Our Accreditations

These skills cover everything from the initial research phase through to end-of-project completion, following strict ISO9001 processes with internal reviews to monitor requirements and updates along the way.


Certificate Number 14862-QMS-001, ISO 9001, ISO 14001

Design and Development

We offer specialty in 3D Mechanical design for any required enclosures, firmware & software development as well as PCB Schematic & Layout design, supported with in-house PCB assembly manufacturing.

 Our Facilities

Our manufacturing facilities include semi-automatic solder paste stencil printing, 2x SMT Samsung / Quad Pick & Place machines, 7 stage temperature controlled reflow oven and regulated fume and solder filtration. We also produce pad printing and epoxy resin for final assemblies.



Our engineering team create highly detailed 3D CAD engineering drawings used for prototyping, analysis and machining. We can provide finalised drawings and renderings before any production is started, which helps towards saving costs and avoiding errors further along the project.

Our In-house rapid prototyping using 3D printers allows mechanical scrutiny prior to production. These models can be placed into client’s hands at early stages of a project.

Our dedicated production team can be up and running, producing a new product in a very short time frame.



From PCB production to final assembly, quality is controlled and conforms to ISO9001 2015.

If you are interested in finding out more or would like a quotation on a bespoke system please get in touch, we would be delighted to hear from you. Call 0151 482 8970 or contact us for more information