Off Grid and Renewable Energy


 Intellitec Mv Ltd have been designing power management solutions for over 25 years.

We have recently developed an innovative solar power system to manage off-grid, suitable for settings including leisure, construction, agricultural and domestic applications.

Off Grid

The advantages of an off-grid system is the ability to provide AC power in cases where the main utility grid is unavailable in remote areas. This avoids any power outages, as the system acts as a UPS (uninterrupted power supply). The cost to be connected to the national grid is often astronomical, so a reliable off-grid system is the most cost-effective solution and can be installed virtually anywhere.

Power where it is needed. Anytime. Anywhere.

Our unique power management system enables battery banks to be charged efficiently through solar, with backup power supply from a generator or grid (if available). We ensure you achieve maximum value from your battery, producing significant savings, as battery life can be halved if charge is regularly allowed to fall below the recommended discharge floor level.


The Intellitec system makes sure power is available in remote locations, without the huge cost and potential disruption of a connection to grid power. The system can switch between solar and the backup power supply, ensuring that your site can minimise power wastage.

We have worked with many customers across a variety of sectors, including residential, construction sites, farming, golf courses, fishing sites, utilities, commercial vehicles, motorhomes, narrow boats and boats.
Some of our customers are able to use mains electricity, but choose to become completely self-sufficient for environmental reasons. If this is something you are interested in, we offer a straightforward and affordable way to generate the power you require. Any energy yielded by solar is energy not taken from the grid.


Off-grid system benefits

There are a range of benefits that come from an off-grid system, with key benefits including:

  • Reduced power cost compared to stand alone gensets
  • Reduced set up cost and disruption compared to connection to the grid
  • Reduced solar power wastage compared to traditional solar power systems
  • Improved battery life
  • Flexibility to manage power to your specifications
  • Reduces Air Pollution and helps fight climate change

Typical products used for off-grid system

Below are the products that are most typically used in a simple off-grid system for leisure vehicles, in order to power AC appliances such as TVs, lighting, fridges, kettles or microwaves.

van of grid

Solar Panels

Solar Panels are the most reliable, predictable and low maintenance source of energy for off-grid systems. We offer a range of the highest quality panels, with exceptional low-light performance and high sensitivity to light across the entire solar spectrum, as well as high-transmission tempered glass which provides enhanced stiffness and impact resistance




If you want a truly off-grid system, you must include batteries to achieve complete energy independence. The purpose of the batteries is to store the solar energy generated and then later output it when needed. We have a wide range of different batteries to suit your requirements, but we recommend lithium as the battery of choice, due to their durability, efficiency and the fact that lithium batteries are less than 70% of the size of a standard battery, saving much needed space.

Solar Charge Controllers

Solar charge controllers are widely used to charge batteries with solar power. The most popular model is Victron’s MPPT controller. MPPT stands for Maximum Power Point Tracking. This technique is used in quality charge controllers, whereby output power is constantly varied to suit the most efficient conversion from PV voltage to charge voltage. Thus, it essentially decouples the array and battery voltage so there can be, for example, panels wired in series, to produce 36V on the input and a 12V battery on the output of the MPPT charge controller.




Domestic Appliances such as TV operate on AC power. Solar generates DC power, so you will need an inverter to convert DC power to usable AC power. At Intellitec, we offer a wide range of inverter chargers for 12 Volt, 24 Volt and 48 Volt systems, giving power from 500W to 15,000W

Battery Monitor

We recommend the Victron Battery Monitor (BMV-700 series), which measures charge and discharge currents, as well as calculating the state-of-charge and time-to-go of a battery. An alarm can be set when certain limits are exceeded (such as an excessive discharge). It is also possible for the battery monitor to exchange data with the Victron Global Remote. This includes sending alarms so that you are able to monitor your system from anywhere in the world.

  Come and See our Motorhome

At Intellitec, we have purchased our own motorhome for demonstration purposes and re-fitted it with our systems. We welcome visitors to come and see the products in full working order by visiting us at our main office location in Bromborough on the Wirral.

If you would like to discuss a project, please call us on 0151 482 8970, or send us a message via our contact form, and our team will be able to quickly recommend a suitable system and provide a quotation.