Victron Energy Anti-islanding relay UFR1001E

Victron Energy

Victron Energy Anti-islanding relay UFR1001E

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Product Code: REL100100000

Group Code: VE

It can also be used on a MultiPlus Inverter/Charger when an automatic transfer switch but no charger function is desired.

• Monitoring of under- and overvoltage 15-520 V • Measuring phase-neutral or phase-phase Monitoring of under- and overfrequency 45-65 Hz • Monitoring of quality of voltage (10-minutes-average) • Monitoring of vector shift 2…20 ° • Monitoring of rate of change of frequency (ROCOF, df/dt) 0,100...5,000 Hz/s • One-fault-proof with monitoring of connected switches (defeatable), 2 automatic restarts at error • Passive detection of insular grid acc. to ch. 6.5.3 and app. • D2 Support of synchronisation of generators • Selftest Switching delay adjustable 0,05 … 130 s • Switching-back-delay adjustable 0 … 999 s • Switching-back-delay at alarms • Alarm-counter for 100 alarms with value, reason and elapsed time • Recording of added time of alarms • Input for standby with counter and recording of time • Test-button and simulation with measuring of switching-times • LEDs for alarms - Allocation of values and states of relays • Sealing -All values can be read-out when sealed • Easy installation and programming with 12 pre-set programs • Outputs for reporting of alarms to superior control