Intellitec BIC Battery Isolator Control 00-00131-000


Intellitec BIC Battery Isolator Control 00-00131-000

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Intellitec`s Battery Isolator Controller has been designed specifically for vehicles that use dual battery systems and where starting power is crucial, such as utility vehicles, 4x4, ambulances and boats etc.
The BIC performs two important functions, firstly the system provides a reliable and efficient method of both charging and isolating dual batteries, secondly if the chassis battery voltage falls below 9.0V for half a second and the auxiliary battery is above 9.0V, both batteries are connected to boost starting.
The BIC charging system operates by sensing the level of voltage on the chassis 12V system, when this voltage rises above 13.3V for 12 seconds, as happens when the engine is running normally, the BIC ECU will close the isolator relay, providing charging current to the auxiliary battery.
When the ignition is switched off, the relay will open immediately.
If the voltage on the main chassis system should drop below 12V for more than 2 seconds while the ignition is on, the relay will drop out, this scenario could happen if the alternator could not keep up with all the loads.
When the chassis voltage rises above 13.3V again, the relay will again close in two seconds to try and charge the battery.
The BIC system can also provide the driver with indicator lamps to indicate whether starting was as normal, from chassis battery or if it was a boost start from both batteries paralleled.

  • Charging and isolation of dual battery systems
  • Auto auxiliary starting
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable