Intellitec Contactor 100A 24V


Intellitec Contactor 100A 24V
Intellitec Contactor 100A 24V

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Intellitec’s Battery Disconnects provide a simple, reliable, and cost effective means of remotely disconnecting the battery of larger vehicles or boats. Rather than having to install long runs of heavy, unprotected battery cable to a large cumbersome switch, the Disconnect can be located near the battery, out of normal reach. It is connected to a low current switch conveniently located for the driver by a low current cable. The concern of long battery cables shorting to the chassis is all but gone. The Battery Disconnect is designed incorporating Intellitec’s patent No. 4,628,289, of a simple magnetic mechanism. It operates as a latching relay, drawing NO current to keep it closed or open. This latching feature allows the Disconnect to operate without discharging the battery. To close the Disconnect, a positive voltage is applied to the unmarked terminal of the coil and the negative of the supply is connected to the “S” terminal, for a brief period. When the power is removed, the relay is latched in the “on” or closed position. Current can now flow through the large terminals. The Disconnect is ignition protected, so it can safely be mounted in a convenient place near the battery. It can be mounted in any orientation. It is immune to harsh shake and vibration found in the vehicle or marine environment. The Disconnect in a typical installation, is mounted near the vehicle battery to keep the length of the battery cables to a minimum. Keeping these wires short adds to the safety of the installation and helps minimize the cost. The wires to the Disconnect coil are run to a remote switch, usually located at a convenient location near an entry door. Additional switches can be wired to allow operation of the Disconnect from multiple locations, such as the front and rear of a vehicle. If required, Intellitec can provide a complete solution with disconnect, switch and harnessing to suit most applications. This Intellitec battery disconnects is 12Volts, 100 Amps

• 24 Volt • 100Amp • • Latching mechanism • Draw no power open or closed • Specifically designed for the larger vehicle and boat Sector • Reliable • PLEASE NOTE - THE RELAY IS NOT WATERPROOF ENSURE FITTED IN SUITABLE IP RATED ENCLOSURE IF A WATERPROOF SOLUTION IS REQUIRED