Intellitec Emergency Time Manager


Intellitec Emergency Time Manager

RRP £360.77
Price: £309.54
(£371.45 inc. VAT)

Product Code: 00-00775-100

Group Code: PM

The Emergency Time Manager is a clock & timer specifically designed to assist medical personnel with time critical operations such as drug infusions within a difficult and testing environment such as an ambulance or an emergency response vehicle.
The unit is designed to be mounted within the interior of the vehicle & directly connected to the electrical system.
Its circuitry is protected against electrical surge and transient voltage conditions common in automotive applications.
In addition, high voltages caused by load dump conditions will not damage the clock.
The ETM will automatically switch the display off 20 minutes after the vehicles engine is shut down and no charging voltage is present, thereby protecting the battery.
The clock will however continue to run until the vehicle is restarted when the display will be automatically switched back on.

  • Time of day in Hours & Minutes
  • Sweep second hand
  • Elapsed time in Hours & Minutes
  • 4 timer buttons set alarm timer from 1 to 90 Mins