Victron Energy Meter ET340 - 3 phase - max 65A/phase

Victron Energy

Victron  Energy Meter ET340 - 3 phase - max 65A/phase

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The Wireless AC sensors are used to measure and calculate PV Inverter current (A), voltage (V), power (W) and energy (kWh), and show it on a Color Control GX and the VRM Portal. An installation will have one gateway per system and one sensor per phase. The gateway connects to the Color Control via Ethernet, and is the DECT hub for the sensors. Multiple sensors connect to 1 gateway. This three phase energy meter, has a maximum 65 A per phase. Can also be used in single phase systems. Typical usage • - 1. In Grid-parallel Hub-4 installations to measure the power of the whole system 2. Measure the output of a PV Inverter and display it on the Color Control GX and related monitoring websites and Apps.