Sterling Power Ignition Feed Relay 24V 50A

Sterling Power

Sterling Power Ignition Feed Relay 24V 50A

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Product Code: IFR2450

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The ProCon IF offers the ability to link together as many battery banks as you wish and therefore charge different battery banks when the engine is running. The relay is necessary to prevent current flowing back the way it came. A conventional relay incurs 0.5A to operate and can suffer from voltage drop across the ignition feed cable. The Sterling ProCon IF is zero voltage drop and only requires 1mA of current to operate.

• 24V 50A • Built to IP66 waterproof • Uni and Bidirectional charging relay • Starter Battery Interlock • Anti spark protection - reduces the effect of back EMF • Gold plated terminals • 30 second start up time delay - prevents relay coming on when engine being started • Ignition/signal override • 6 LED information display