Victron Energy Venus GX

Victron Energy

Venus GX
Venus GX
Venus GX
Venus GX

RRP £274.00
Price: £239.75
(£287.70 inc. VAT)

Product Code: BPP900400100

Group Code: VE

The Venus GX is a cheaper alternative to the Color Control Gx lower cost, mainly because it has no display or buttons, but it has the same functionality to provide control and monitoring for all products connected to it such as inverters, multi, quattros, BMV 700, Quattros and more.
All readings are forwarded to Victron's free remote monitoring website: the VRM Online Portal.
To get an impression, try the demo on
It also has 3 tank sender inputs and 2 Temperature inputs.

  • 12 and 24 Volts
  • 3 tank sender inputs
  • 2 Temperature inputs Monitors and controls
  • Is compatable with many Victron products
  • Free remote monitoring website - the VRM Online Portal
  • Remote Console on VRM
  • Automatic genset start/stop
  • Data logging
  • Can automatically update itself from the internet, when there is a new software version available