12V 1500W Pure Sine Wave Inverter UK Socket


ASP-1502 12v 1500W inverter

RRP £523.26
Price: £366.28
(£439.54 inc. VAT)

Product Code: ASP-1502

Group Code: AAP

This is a state-of-the-art DC to AC pure sine wave power inverter.
With advanced digital signal processing technology, the power inverter has multiple functions such as power turbo mode, power saving mode, adjustable output voltage / frequency, fan speed control… etc.

The power inverter has outstanding protection included input DC polarity reversed protection, input DC over/under voltage protection, internal over temperature protection, overload protection and output short circuit protection.

With RS232 communication port, it can be easily to monitor status of the power inverter.

  • DC Input Polarity Reversed protection by auto- recovery 
  • Input DC Over/Under Voltage Protection
  • Internal Over Temperature Protection
  • Output Overload Protection
  • Output Short Circuit Protection
  • Adjustable AC output voltage and frequency
  • Fan speed control by Load and Temperature
  • ECO mode available with power consumption <1W
  • Turbo mode available: 120% continuous output power when temperature <30 ゚ C
  • High efficiency: max up to 94%.
  • Low THD: ≦2.5%
  • With RS232 communication port
  • With dry contact terminal
  • Remote LCD display controller (option)