Intellitec PMC 500 10xChannel Solid State Dimmer Module 24v


Intellitec PMC 500 10xChannel Solid State Dimmer Module 24v

RRP £389.91
Price: £364.95
(£437.94 inc. VAT)

Product Code: 00-00844-500

Group Code: PMC

This PMC Output Modules works in combination with the PMC CPU or the 160 channel IPX master and other standard, semicustom, or custom I/O modules.
This provide solid-state outputs with the capability of dimming lights.
The modules provide power fusing, switching, and distribution.
Switching is accomplished via long life, field effect transistors instead of relays.
Each output will handle 10 Amps.
The approximate module dimensions are 7.0” X 6.250” X 1.875” (16.2mm X 15.9mm X 4.8mm).
It should be installed in a protected environment, inside the vehicle.
The 844 module can be set for module addresses.
It provides the ability to dim lights from any Intellitec multiplex keypad.
With the PMC system, a momentary push button can be used if it is connected to a PMC input.
These modules come in two versions.
This module dims the lights using pulse width modulation or PWM.
Variable power is applied to the load by quickly turning the power on and off.
By varying the duty cycle we can vary the intensity of the lamp.

  • 24 Volts
  • For use with PMC only
  • PWM Provides Variable Power (Pulse Width Modulation) Solid state outputs
  • Provides power fusing, switching and distribution
  • Each output handles 10 Amps
  • Provides variable power