Intellitec PMC 809 Load Manager 24V


Intellitec PMC 809 Load Manager  24V

RRP £189.50
Price: £177.37
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Product Code: 00-00809-240

Group Code: PMC

The Load Manager Voltage Input Module provides 4 inputs to the PMC system corresponding to specific battery voltages.
In order to provide an accurate indication of system voltage, the Voltage Input Module should be located physically close to the vehicle’s battery.
Only 3 connections to the module are needed.
This module has been potted and provided with a Metripac water-tight connector to facilitate placement near the battery.
The inputs from this module can be used in the PMC system with boolean logic statements to force selected loads off as the system voltage falls.
You may also wish to turn an output on to indicate to the engine controller that high speed idle is needed.

  • 24 Volts with 4 inputs to PMC
  • Accurate indication of system voltage
  • Only 3 connections needed
  • Metripac watertight connector