Intellitec PMC 909 Rocker Switch Adaptor 9 way 24v


PMC 909 Rocker Switch Adaptor 9 way 24v
PMC 909 Rocker Switch Adaptor 9 way 24v

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Product Code: 00-00656-909

Group Code: PMC

PMC Rocker Switch Adapters 909 is a members of Intellitec’s Programmable Multiplex Control Family.
It work in combination with the PMC CPU and other standard, semi-custom, or custom I/O modules.
ITT rocker switches (also known as SWF, Britax, or Sprague) plug directly into the 909 Adapter, eliminating the need for a harness, or separate wiring to each switch.
All switch information is directly communicated to the PMCCPU via the two wire PMC communications link.
The third wire provides power to the lamps.
The PMC connection is made with an AMP Mate-N-Lok connector to reduce installation time and errors.
The switch indicator lamps are controlled directly on the adapter.
When the switch is off, half of the battery voltage is supplied to the lamp for backlighting.
When the switch is turned on, full battery voltage is applied to the lamp.
The switches do not control the loads or functions directly, they simply communicate information to the PMC CPU.
Due to this fact, the switches do not have to be complex, eliminating the need for multiple poles or multiple throws.
The switches can be more simple and less expensive, reducing the different types of switches used.
The Windows based setup replaces the need for SPDT, DPDT and other switch configurations.

  • Rocker Switch Adaptor 9 way 24 Volts
  • Eliminates the need for a harness or separate wiring switch
  • AMP Mate-N-Lok connector reduces installation time and errors
  • Simple and less expensive
  • eliminates needs for multiple poles or multiple throws
  • communicates information to the PMC CPU