Intellitec PMC 916 Rocker Switch Adaptor 6 way 12v


PMC 916 Rocker Switch Adaptor 6 way 12v
PMC 916 Rocker Switch Adaptor 6 way 12v

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Price: £132.23
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Product Code: 00-00643-916

Group Code: PMC

The 6 way adapter is designed to allow ITT Rocker Switches to be plugged straight into the PMC system eliminating the need for individual connections or separate wiring for each switch.
Module dimensions: 70 X 163 X 35mm.
It is strongly recommended that the unit is installed within a protected environment inside the vehicle.
The module can be set to operate on 1 of 16 channels A-P using a series of jumpers 1-4.
Customised configuration of switch panels available · Britax, Carling, EAO, - interface panels available · Automatic dim / bright backlight feature · Switch characteristics can be changed by software.
The use of this adapter means that the rocker switches do not control the load or function directly, they simply communicate information to the PMC Central Processing Unit.
This means that the switches do not have to be complex, which eliminates the need for multiple poles or throws.

  • Rocker Switch Adaptor 6 way 12 Volts
  • Compatible with Intellitec PMC System
  • Can be combined into banks of 12, 18 and more
  • Reduce's wiring & installation time
  • Accepts all types of ITT rocker switches
  • Indicates on / off through change to backlighting