Intellitec PMC CPU Central Processing Unit 12v 320Ch


Intellitec PMC CPU Central Processing Unit 12v 320Ch

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The PMC Central Processing Unit is the main component of Intellitec`s Programmable Multiplex Control family.
With 320 Channels, the CPU is programmed using our Windows based PMC II Software.
The CPU has 320 channels that control as many as 32 remote input/output modules through Intellitec's multiplex communications system Pat No 4907222 and 6011997.
This multiplex system allows the CPU, I-O modules and switch panels to be wired together with just three standard automotive cables.
Multiple modules can be wired to a single connector.
All input or switch information is gathered through the remote modules and directly communicated to the CPU.
The CPU then interprets the inputs, determines the states of all outputs, and communicates that information to the remote modules via the PMC link.
The CPU also has 160 built-in timer channels which are set up by the Windows software.
These timers can function as on-delay, off-delay, flasher, and interval timers.
PMC eliminates the need for flasher modules, mirror heat timers, wiper delays, load managers etc.
In addition there are also 160 virtual channels which provide the capability to write very complex logic relationships between the channels.
The CPU RS-232C communications port and Windows software are used to set up or program the vehicle electrical specification.
The port an also be used to perform system diagnostics.
If a laptop is not available, most diagnostics can be performed with a volt meter.
The PMC system communicates continually at a relatively slow rate of 4kHZ, with each input / output updated every .040s.
The multiplex signal communicates to the output modules with a large change in signal voltage.
Because of the low communications frequency and large signal change, communication can take place without fear of interference over any economical wire and eliminates the need for special cables and connectors.
In addition, four high speed channels are available to control elements requiring a higher speed.
The CPU includes a sleep mode which can reduce the overall system operating current, allowing the system to be constantly live with insignificant drain on the vehicle battery.
Through the use of Intellitec's WinPMCII Windows based software program and the connection of a PC to the RS-232C port, the user can easily set up the relationships between the switch inputs, timers and outputs.

  • 12Volts
  • 320 I-O channels
  • 160 built-in timer channels
  • four high speed channels are available Programmable through a PC
  • Minimal interference with/from other systems
  • Sleep Mode
  • APPROVALS NPIA Spec 5 Approval STANDARDS E11 10R-035724 e11*72/245*2009/19*5724*00