Intellitec PMC Output Module x 10


Intellitec PMC Output Module x 10

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Price: £157.72
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Product Code: 00-00923-000

Group Code: PMC

PMCI/O Module 00-00923-000 is the newest member of Intellitec’s Programmable Multiplex Control family . It works in combination with the PMC CPU and other standard, semi-custom or custom I/O modules, allowing you to create the exact system configuration that you want from basic to all encompassing. There are ten connections for low wattage loads, such as dash warnings lights, beepers, or light-duty loads (1.0 Ampere Max per module). The PMC CPU utilizes input information from other modules on the system, and via the PMC communications link controls the ten loads of this module. All of the output harnesses are connected with AMP Mate-N-Lok connectors to reduce installation time and errors. All loads are negative (low-side), switched to a local load ground which needs to be provided to the module. In other words, the outputs are connected between the load and ground. (Different than the 406/416 module which provides for high-side switching). A fused load power connection is available within the module. The intended use of the fused power terminations,(J1-1 or J3-4), is not for loads such as OEM switches that require a power source. The module dimensions are 6.375” X 4.375” X1.875” (16.2mm X 12mm X 4.8mm). The module is intended to be installed in a protected environment inside of the vehicle.

• 12 and 24 Voltage • 10 negative switched low watt outputs • Output LED indicators • Overload Indicator • Auto-Reset feature • Optical isolation • AMP Mate-N-Lok connectors to reduce installation time and errors