Pro-Charge Ultra Battery Charger AC-DC 12V 30A

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Pro-Charge Ultra Battery Charger AC-DC 12V 30A

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Product Code: PCU1230

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The Pro Charge Ultra battery charger is one of the worlds most efficient chargers, thanks to 'active power factor correction which means they are rated over 90% efficient compared to 65% on chargers without.
The ProCharge Ultra has 3 isolated charging outputs thus 3 batteries or battery banks can be charged without the batteries themselves being interconnected, e.g.
Starter, domestic and generator start battery.
These award winning chargers feature a 32 LED front panel showing charging profile statuses and output power as well as providing the user with a voltmeter and ammeter.
There are 11 different charging characteristics for corresponding types of batteries: Gel, AGM, sealed, open, calcium, LiFePO4.
Plus there is 1 custom setting which the user can set themselves.
Batteries are kept rejuvenated as the Pro Charge Ultras include an automatic desulphation mode.
They have been UL 1236 SB listed which is the highest build standard and include a temperature compensation sensor for maximum reliability and safety.

  • 12 Volts
  • 30 Amps
  • One of the world's most efficient chargers
  • Active power factor correction
  • AC voltages (80-270VAC and 40- 70Hz) and DC voltages (130-320V)
  • Comprehensive 32 LED front panel
  • Voltmeter, ammeter and output power display
  • Power Pack / Power Supply
  • Battery Temperature compensation sensor included
  • Automatic Desulphation mode
  • Perfect for generator use
  • 11 pre-programmed charging profiles
  • The Pro Charge Ultra series can be put in series or parallel with other Pro Charge Ultras.