Intellitec Road Commander High Current Module

Road Commander

Road Commander High Current Module
Road Commander High Current Module

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Price: £181.63
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Product Code: 00-01096-000

Group Code: SS

The Road Commander Slide‐Out / High Current Module is designed as a multipurpose module capable of driving high current load.
When configured as a slide‐out module it acts as a single H‐bridge module capable of driving 30 amp motors in both directions.
With short circuit and over current shutdown built in, the module knows when the slide‐out has fully extended or retracted.
When the 00‐01096‐000 is configured as a high current module it can be used to supply power to a water pump, water heater or any number of high current devices if desired.  Configured in this mode of operation, two relay outputs are available where the combination of both may not exceed 25 amps.
For example, 2x 10 amp relay outputs configured.
These outputs are configurable to be momentary outputs or latching outputs depending on the application.
There are no serviceable parts within the High Current module.  

  • 12 Volt
  • Sleep mode minimizes the amount of power consumption when inactive for certain amount of time
  • Provides 'over‐current' protection for the motor controlled application ‐ no additional fusing required
  • Allows for operation of installed features when outside of the coach such as deploying slide‐outs, awnings, and activating lights
  • On‐board indicators show network status and fault codes
  • Configurable as either a slide‐out module or a high current module
  • Outputs can be set to momentary or latching and have over current shut down parameters
  • Control is available by using OEM installed switches, Intellitec touchscreen LCD panels, and SMART Devices
  • Operates independent of the Road Commander family of products
  • Expandable and adaptable to previous model year coaches.