Intellitec VPLC Vehicle Programmable Logic Controller 12volt


Intellitec VPLC Vehicle Programmable Logic Controller 12volt

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Intellitec`s Vehicle Programmable Logic Control System is designed to provide a flexible switching unit that is programmable by a Windows based GUI.
VPLC is designed to perform a variety of functions including, but not limited to:- Lighting on small emergency vehicles - Airport vehicles - Buses - Other specialty vehicles The VPLC provides ten, solid state, high side outputs, each capable of carrying 10 amps.
Each output can be programmed through a Windows based program, using Boolean logic to perform various functions, such as flashers, interior lights, communication equipment, hydraulic valves, interlocks and timed outputs.
The VPLC uses an Intellitec multiplexed communications line with sixteen channels, each capable of being either an input or an output.
This allows remote switch panels with as many as 16 switches to communicate with the controller over two non-shielded wires using logic statements such as: Output= Ignition and Master Switch and Volts &gt • 12.
The audible alarm is built into the potted assembly and can also be programmed with Boolean logic.

  • 12 Volts with 3 High-side direct inputs: Temperature / Voltage Sensor and Event Counter
  • 1 Audible Alarm Output
  • 16 Channels selectable as Input or Output
  • 10 Solid state, FET outputs
  • 10 Virtual Channels
  • 5 Timers one-shot or duty timer selectable