Xantrex PROsine Inverter 1000i 24V 1000W Schuko Sine Wave 230 VAC


Xantrex PROsine Inverter 1000i 24V 1000W Schuko Sine Wave 230 VAC

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Price: £916.76
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Product Code: 806-1080

Group Code: XP

Offering superior quality sine wave output, the Prosine 1000i stand-alone inverter is ideally suited for electrical systems that already have a quality multistage battery charger.
Designed for recreational and industrial applications, Prosine inverters are suitable for both heavy duty and sensitive electronic loads.
The inverters are lighter and more compact than others with similar power ratings because they use high-frequency switching technology in the power conversion process.

  • 24 Volt
  • 1000 watt (1500 watt surge)
  •  230 VAC  
  •  Schuko Models
  • True sine wave output
  • Less than 3% total harmonic distortion
  • the Prosine delivers true sine wave output that is identical to AC power supplied by your utility
  • Expect trouble-free true sine wave electricity for televisions, audio systems, variable speed tools, and more
  • Removable LCD display can be mounted remotely for control and monitoring
  • Unique DC terminals offer 180-degree connections for easy installation in tight places
  • Efficient powersave mode draws only 1.5 watts under no load condition
  • Two year warranty
  • Schuko AC receptacle
  • Remote interface kit for remote mounting of display module
  • Over temperature shutdown and automatic overload protection
  • Over voltage and under voltage protection
  • Short circuit and AC backfeed protection