Our Leisure Applications

Our Leisure Applications

Whatever your leisure vehicle, a reliable power source is an essential requirement for providing optimum onboard comfort. If you are travelling to remote places where power supply is limited, the necessity for a good system is even greater. 

Whether you need an ‘all singing all dancing’ system that will provide you enough power to enjoy a hot shower and a cold drink with ice, or you are looking for something simpler, Intellitec can help.

Partnering with leading international suppliers such as Victron Energy, we can recommend the perfect products for your specific requirements and available budget. We have a wealth of experience in Campers, Motorhomes, Off-Grid and Marine environments, working alongside both large conversion companies and individuals.



Finding your ideal solution

Our expert team is on hand to help you choose the products that are right for you. With competitive pricing and support throughout your entire journey, you will feel safe in the knowledge that Intellitec is the right choice.

We are dedicated to keeping up-to-date with the latest products on the market ensuring that whether you’re looking to power a Motorhome, a canal boat or any other vehicle, the best solution is always available. 

We have invested in our own bespoke motorhome for demonstration purposes. The Intellitec Swift Kon-tiki has been installed with a lithium battery bank, complete with a full battery management system, 5KW inverter, MPPT solar controller and solar panels. 

Having a Victron VRM remote monitoring portal enables us to constantly monitor power performance. It has also been fitted with Intellitec’s flagship Programmable Logic controller which controls task management e.g. lighting, music and DC consumables such as the fridge freezer, all via our capacitive touchscreen. This system enables automated control at the touch of a finger, making it the perfect fit for the modern motorhome.


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Many of our customers start their journey with Intellitec by visiting our premises on Merseyside so that they can see first-hand how the products actually work and what they do. Equally, if you want to talk through your project requirements over the phone or via video conferencing, we can cater to your needs at all times.


Powering through efficiency

When working with a new client, understanding their power requirements is essential. 

Once we know what applications you want, for example a TV, fridge lights and/or water heater, we work out the total power (wattage) that is required. Any system should be a close match to the amount of power produced. 

In short, underestimating what you need leads to insufficient power, but overestimating means you’ve paid far more than you need to, for what you’re actually using. We will help you find your ideal power usage and when you are all up and running, with the help of Victron Energy’s VRM system remote monitoring of off-grid applications has never been easier. 

Get in touch with us today to speak to our friendly team of experts by calling us on 0151 482 8970 or messaging us via the contact form here on our website.