Spark Medical is a North West based independent paramedic led ambulance provider. They build, mobilise and equip professional ambulance crews providing out of hospital care to patients across the country and deliver caring specialist services. In these troubled times their services are needed more than ever. They also specialise in providing medical services for sporting events, festivals and community fun days.

 We Provide Power Management Systems to Leading NHS Trusts

Intellitec are the partner of choice to many of the country’s leading NHS trusts, suppling 100’s of high-quality bespoke power management to the ambulance industry including the country’s first all-electric ambulance to be used in front-line service which was launched only a few weeks ago


Leading Edge Upgrade

Spark medical have just moved into an industrial unit around the corner from Intellitec and their MD Matt Kelly happened to see an ambulance we were working on in the workshop.

We invited Matt over to see our facility and he ended up placing an order for a retrospective OLED HMI electrical system for one of his Renault ambulances that had a dated and unreliable electrical system fitted.

Enhancing User Interaction 

The new system has just been installed by one of our Technical Engineers Michael Cain. By replacing the complete control system, we have dramatically enhanced the user interaction of the vehicle by incorporating the Intellitec iConnex system. The outputs for the emergency vehicle lighting is now automated and triggered by a single push of the 999 button whilst retaining diverse interaction. 




State of the Art Oled Keypad

All controls are now clustered into one keypad specifically designed for ambulance application. Previously, switches for scene lights and airport beacon were separate from the main control by way of rocker switches installed in various locations on the dashboard. Having all the controls in one location not only makes the vehicle more aesthetically pleasing but makes controlling the outputs more convenient.

Intellitec iConnex  

Inside the ambulance we have fitted a 4 way iconnex keypad which operates applications in the back of the ambulance including dimming the lights, trauma, spot lights and climate control.  At Intellitec we have a range of 3 way, 4 way and 6 way keypads in a variety of colours which can be individually programmed to customer requirements.



More Enhanced System

The siren control has also been incorporated into the vehicle horn button on the steering bringing the system more in line with an up to date front line ambulance. The horn still works normally when the vehicle is not in blue light mode (automatic switching). A reverse horn has been added to the vehicle making it safer for pedestrians when manoeuvring. This can be muted with a single push of the ‘reverse mute’ button on the keypad.

Overall, the system is much more enhanced and allows the operators to focus more on patient welfare rather than the outdated complex controls.


When the installation was complete, Matt collected the vehicle and placed it straight to work. He commented “It is amazing to know we have the same technology Aux electrical system fitted to one of our vehicles that is also fitted to the most electrically advanced ambulance in UK, the most ironic thing was that Intellitec are 80 yards away from our facility in Bromborough, Wirral. “


If you would be interested in discussing an iconnex system which can be used for many applications please do not hesitate to get in touch, we are here to help. Call us on  0151 482 8970 or email

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