Power Solution for Mobile Catering

Power Solution for Mobile Catering

At Intellitec no challenge is out of reach, we are here to provide power solutions for our customers big or small. We recently did a project for our local sandwich delivery service who found Intellitec whilst doing their sandwich rounds. Based in Ellesmere Port, Sandwich Express is a family run business who have a fleet of mobile catering vans which offer a breakfast and lunchtime service in Cheshire and North Wales delivering fresh hot and cold food to hundreds of customers.


Whilst on their rounds the feedback from their customers showed the food is excellent and fantastic value for money, but why can’t you do high quality hot coffee like Costa or Starbucks?

Seeing a commercial opportunity and wanting to keep their customers happy, sandwich express began to look at the options available. They sourced a fantastic blend of coffee, however, the problem they then faced was how to generate enough power on their vehicles to produce up to 500 cups of coffee per day and make sure it was steaming hot.

Intellitec Are Here To Help

Sandwich Express contacted Intellitec to see if we could assist and we were delighted to be given the opportunity. Our technical team estimated the power they would need to produce the required cups of coffee and quickly supplied the technical data and a competitive quotation.

Given the go-ahead, a week later the products were on site, and as part of the service we agreed to a full installation by our expert team of electrical engineers who installed and tested the system to ensure all was working as it should be.

Within 2 weeks the project was completed and Sandwich Express are now supplying hot coffee to many satisfied customers.






Products Used

For this project we used Victron Energy Products. Intellitec are proud to be technical distributors for all Victron Energy products. Victron have a strong and unrivalled reputation for technical innovation, reliability and build quality. They are widely considered to be the leading professional choice for independent electric power for industrial and commercial applications.

LiFePO4 Battery 12,8V/150Ah Smart

      The lithium battery chemistry was chosen to reduce weight, physical dimensions and maximise usable energy storage. This aided both the installation and applicational usage of the system.


MultiPlus 12/3000/120-16 230V VE.Bus

 The Multiplus is a great all-in-one Inverter/Charger that seamlessly integrates the shoreline/hook up for charging & AC pass through,  and also inverts from the batteries a clean pure sign wave AC output at 230V.             



       The BMS is critical for any Lithium chemistry batteries and performs the job of continuously monitoring the batteries for longevity and prevents overcharging/over-discharging the batteries. The RJ45 CAT5e VE Bus network allows the BMS to communicate with the multiplus to tell it when it’s allowed to charge the batteries and when to stop discharging.


BatteryProtect 12/24V-220A

 The battery protect is a great, easy to install and program, battery protection device. All the DC loads such as interior lights can be powered through this unit so that you can rest in the knowledge that your battery bank is automatically protected for unwanted critical discharge.             


BMV-712 Smart

         The BMV-712 Smart Battery Monitor is the perfect compliment to this setup allowing very easy connection through a smart device running iOS or Android. The application shows all the relevant live data on the system such as voltage, current consumption/charge, time-to-go and can even trigger ‘alarms’ at selectable criteria ranges for whatever your need.





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