Intellitec Battery Guard 3000 PSV 24V


Intellitec Battery Guard 3000 PSV 24V

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Product Code: K327

Group Code: BG

Intellitec's Battery Guard PSV 3000 system is a fully programmable low voltage protection device that that can be programmed to a customers requirements.It offers both automatic and manual battery isolation with optional speech warning modules.
The Graphical User Interface software is windows based and is supplied free of charge after the installation engineer has been on an Intellitec certified course. The software has been designed to be user friendly and training is available if required.

  • Automatic or manual battery isolation
  • Programmable voltage isolation thresholds and time delays
  • Automatic or Manual reconnect options (programmable)
  • Safety isolation inhibit (will not allow isolation when the vehicle is moving)
  • Integrates with the vehicle electrical chassis isolator or via its own relay (optional relay required)
  • One time warning override option (allows driver to override the low voltage alarm once by pressing reset switch)
  • Inhibit disconnect delay (delays manual disconnect function after ignition switch off to allow correct vehicle ECU shut down)
  • Ease of installation (kit comes complete with fully terminated wiring loom and install schematic)
  • Approved to 72/245/EEC (2006/28/EC) Approval No: E11 10R-024661