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The Ekrano is Victron's most powerful GX device to date. It has: 

  • A built-in 7 inch touchscreen display
  • Complete range of connections and interfaces
  • Remote console on VRM - monitor, control and configure over the internet
  • Perfect monitoring and control
  • Two fully functional VE.Can ports
  • Twice the CPU power of a Cerbo GX
  • Simple mounting and configuration

The Ekrano GX represents the next generation in the GX product family.

The Ekrano GX can instantly monitor the battery state of charge, power consumption, power harvest from PV, generator, and mains, or check tank levels and temperature measurements.

Easily control the shore power input current limit, (auto)start/ stop generator(s) or change any setting to optimise the system. Follow up on alerts, perform diagnostic checks and resolve challenges remotely.

The Ekrano GX turns any power challenge into an effortless experience. The integrated 7 inch touchscreen allows you to have an instant overview of your system and adjust settings in the blink of an eye. Its super slim, waterproof design offers a lot of flexibility in designing a crisp and clean dashboard. The touch function can be disabled (or enabled) via a recessed button on the back to prevent unauthorised use. 

The Ekrano GX is optimised for flush panel or blind hole mounting and has all the necessary mounting material supplied.

The screw-on terminal blocks will keep everything in place.


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