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Model i2CAN-8

  • 12/24V Operating System
  • 2 Isolated CAN Peripherals to read independent CAN lines
  • Supports up to 1Mbs Baud rate (1000kbps) user configurable 
  • 8 switching outputs up to 900mA for switching relays or signals for telematics systems.
  • 6 positive outputs
  • 2 negative outputs
  • All CAN messages can be set for 11-bit and 29-bit identifiers
  • All modes can use up to 32byte integers for input switching values 
  • In the field upgrade via USB
  • LEDs for Power, Output and Data status
  • 5V protected output for powering inductive CAN reader such as the CAN croc, no need to run additional +ve wires and -ve wires for it as they are provided with the module.

The new market leading range of vehicle CAN interface modules from Intellitec offers the vehicle converter and aftermarket installer a range of both budget (return to factory for upgrading of CAN signals) option, or premium options with USB OTG for local re-programming.

With current green and environmental issues in mind to help prolong the service life of the i2CAN module, the premium range can be configured or reconfigured using a USB flash drive to allow recycling on another type of vehicle giving many years of service from a single module. This function also facilitates changes to the CAN signals picked up by the module if the vehicle has a change of use while in service.


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