Mobile Solar Kit Panel 20W - 12V

Complete Mobile Solar Kit with 12V 20W Panel, Blue Solar MPPT Controller, Cables and Brackets

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Brand: Intellitec

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Kit includes 12V 20W solar panel, MPPT 75/15 solar charge controller, Solar Cables 5m and corner mounting brackets.

  • Panel Size (mm) 440 x 350 x 25mm 
  • Max power volts (Vmpp) 18.5

Auxiliary applications can now be powered by a battery pack, which is recharged by solar, from panels on the roof of a vehicle.
The process is controlled by PV panels which charge the battery pack by a MPPT charge controller.
Vehicles can now run auxiliary applications, such as light bars, warning lights and sirens, with the engine off and the vehicle secure.
The systems battery will recharge from the solar charge controller or whilst the engine is running.
The solar panels are rigid, if you require a semi flexible version this is specially ordered, please contact our customer services department for more details


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